Well, it’s the end of another week.  It’s been semi-productive.  I’ve made a little progress on my books, I’ve attended my first writers’ meeting, I had lunch with my high school English teacher who is also writing a book (I’ll probably be helping him out with the social media aspect of book marketing), and I’ve done my best to keep spreading the word and hoping for reviews for Cemetery Tours.  So far, it’s going pretty well.  I have seven reviews on Amazon and three on GoodReads.  

My new goal, aside from hopefully getting more reviews, is to finish the first draft of my next book, which I’ve decided will be the sequel to Cemetery Tours, by the end of 2013.  I really hope to have it published sometime by late spring, early summer.  

When I started writing this entry, I had this whole idea that it was going to be about goals and dreams and freedom, but at the moment, I really just want to work on my manuscript, so I think that’s what I’ll do!  Good night, all!  

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